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About Us


Marie DiCocco, the M of PM Organics

When you look for the best organic fabric, I can help. I love to touch fabrics. It’s all about the fabric for me. I choose organic fabrics that I use myself, so I know how these fabrics and notions will work for you, my customers.

My interest in fibers comes through my mother and grandmothers. My German great-grandmother was a seamstress who specialized in “white work,” embroidery, cut work and totenhemd. My Italian grandmother grew hemp from seed. She then chopped, stomped, and retted the fibers, spun the thread, and wove hemp fabric. I still sleep under a bedspread made from my grandmother’s fine hemp linen.

I first learned to sew as a little girl, sewing by hand for my dolls. During my early schooling in a European school, I remember doing needlework by age 5. I made my first whole garment for 8th grade graduation: an A-line skirt from burgundy printed corduroy, with big belt loops and a white patent leather belt. Very fashionable! That was THE LOOK of the moment. I went on to make my own Carnaby Street fashions through the 1960s, and I have continued to make many of my own clothes in the years since. I even married the son of a custom tailor and a seamstress.

I understand serious home sewing because I sew.
I understand the need for organic fabrics that look and feel great because I sew with organic fabrics.

I was a homeschooling mother, running PM Organics on my own, though my daughter sometimes liked to work alongside me and often decorated the boxes with her designs. She continued the family affair with natural fibers, making hand-sewn clothes for her dolls. Now that she is grown, she helps with the more complicated graphics & webpages.

When my family is not surrounded by beautiful organic fabrics and notions, we can often be found teaching Italian village music and dance around the U.S.

PM Organics - the business

PM Organics grew from a massive organic fabric co-op late in the summer of 2001. A group of small manufacturers and home sewers purchased a large quantity of organic fabrics together. Out of this huge venture came the idea for Pei and Marie (the P and M, of PM Organics) to invest in a fabric business to keep more organic fabrics available for small manufacturers and others doing home sewing would love to work with these natural fabrics. We searched and tracked down a variety of organic fabrics made in USA and elsewhere to stock PM Organics. Pei moved on to other great sewing adventures, and Marie has continued to grow PM Organics.

I, Marie, now stock as many new fabrics as I can fit into our moderate space. I still seek variety to give our customers more choice of organic fabric and notions. I am particularly on the lookout for great organic printed fabric from around the world. I have built a big selection of organic knit fabric, and I have also gathered a few other items indispensable to my own sewing:

organic cotton woven fabric,
organic cotton lace,
organic cotton twill tape, and
even organic cotton knitting yarn.

Please let me know what is indispensable to your sewing! I always love the search for new organic fabric and notions.




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