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About Us


PM Organics came out of a massive organic fabric co-op late in the summer of 2001. A bunch of women, mostly cloth-diaper-sewing and baby-clothes-sewing WAHMs (work at home moms), got together to purchase a large quantity of organic fabrics at wholesale prices. Out of this huge venture came the idea for us (Pei and Marie, aka PM, of PM Organics) to gather enough money to invest in a fabric business. We were tired of not having reasonably-priced sources of organic fabrics and were sure that others shared our feelings! As word of our fabric co-op got out, more and more people joined. Clearly, people wanted these fabrics, but like us, could not find them, at least not at affordable prices. So, we gathered all the cash we could, bought as many rolls of fabrics as we could, and started offering these wonderful organic knit fabrics as an on-going business venture.

Incredibly, after this initial buy, we have had several additional fabric buys. We are currently focusing on acquiring as many new fabrics as we can, so that we may offer more selection to our customers. And, truth be told, then we get to sew up these gorgeous fabrics for ourselves and our families! Hopefully, one day soon, we can recoup the initial money invested in this business, and we sometimes dream of profit.

While we are working on our selection of organic knit fabrics, we are also trying to make a few other products available: organic cotton wovens, organic cotton interfacing, organic cotton thread, organic cotton elastic, organic cotton twill tape, and plant-dyed organic fabrics. These are things indispensable to our own sewing. Please let us know what's indispensable to your sewing!




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